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2015 - 2016 New Officer Installation Program

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The 2015-2016 Leadership Team of BPW River City joins the Board and member body to set the leadership style of “Leading Women into the Future through Positive Change.”

That’s what this year will be about in BPW – Leading the women of BPW through positive changes while fostering relationships and mentoring women of all ages; inspiring and motivating members to be active and encouraging involvement of the younger generation so that we can continue our vision of furthering professional women in their careers.

No leader has accomplished her mission alone.  A successful leader is surrounded by a team of people with a common goal but unique attributes.  BPW River City is an organization built by exceptional women with a common vision of strength and leadership.  Our founders gave us this voice to carry forward to continue nurturing our future leaders.  This year we will mentor, we will guide and we will lead through inspiration and motivation.  We will expand our network, to provide a wide array of knowledge while increasing professional development opportunities that will advance women in their careers. 

Today as we install this new team, we will reflect on the roles of each officer along with the Committee Chairs and Membership in the success of the greater unit. We will pull inspiration from a garden to show how hard work and the right elements can positively change and create an enticing showpiece that will nourish the greater membership with knowledge and tools. So let me introduce each leader, share with you their inspiration, and formally install them into office.

Leslie Mann, 2015-2016 President,          Dana Price 2015-2016, President Elect,         Bonny Manning, Parliamentarian 

BPW Members, you also play an important role in the success of this 2015-2016 year.   The talent of each member is needed. Our goal is to expand our network, our knowledge, and our skills.  Through your devotion, we can enter into a future full of blooms and fruit, and prepare the garden paths for future generations.

Leslie, you have chosen “Leading Women into the Future through Positive Change as your theme for 2015-2016.

You are like the gardener.   The gardener makes sure that all of the other components are working, happy, and engaged.  She ensures that the current year brings beautiful blooms and many fruits and that at the end of the season the garden is properly tilled for the new year to come.

This organization believes in women helping other women to reach their potential, to develop a personal bond, and to excel in their goals and aspirations.

Leslie, you have been elected to serve as President.  This office is the highest honor an organization can bestow upon one of its members.

You will be called upon to lead this organization and to inspire everyone to achieve challenging goals.

 You will develop the strategy and the vision for the future. You are charged to recruit and mentor our future leaders. 

 You will attend many meetings; conduct your own Federation’s meetings and do a myriad of other things.

 You represent the membership at all times and you speak for the members.

 You will act as an advisor to your officers and committee chairpersons, in general, supervise the affairs of BPW/River City. 

You direct the treasurer in the disbursement of funds and the recording secretary in keeping of records.

It is your job to direct the vice presidents and president- elect into the best leadership roles for them, and for the organization.

Work with your members and listen to their concerns all the while serving your local community.

Address: PO BOX 36004 Louisville, KY 40233-6004


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